SUPPORT for baby loss

A voluntary organisation to support bereaved parents and relatives of babies that are lost.

Hospital Facilities

We are lucky that we live in a great area of the country which not only has a very diverse and well trained NHS but has the most wonderful, caring and helpful midwives in the country.  Most of these now work in the birthing centre of the Norhumbria Specialist Hospital in Cramlington but also out in our community.

This group was only made possible by the dedication and support of those midwives who went above and beyond their call of duty to facilitate a voluntary service to further support the community where the NHS couldn't.  This is the reason why we continue to support this group and fundraise for future generations.

These caring staff are as much a part of this process as you and I.  They regularly attend fundraising events in their spare time and donate further with their knowledge, compassion and support.  We thank them all past and present for continuing to support us moving forward.

The group aims to support those who are in the deepest depths of grief and may have arrived at hospital full of hope and joy for the birth of a new family member only to be met with the worst possible scenarios.  Although providing support at this time seems incredibly difficult, the small things are what count.  Making memories and providing peace and tranquillity within the hustle of a hospital environment can be quite difficult but Teardrop has supported two large projects over the years and would like to support more.  These are the Teardrop garden and the willow room, you can find out more about these below.

Teardrop Garden

Willow Room