A voluntary organisation to support bereaved parents and relatives of babies that are lost.

SUPPORT for baby loss

Marie's story

Olivia was born at just under 24 weeks following my waters breaking at 19 weeks due to an infection.  She lived for 1 hour and 30 minutes.  We had her baptised at the Special Care Baby Unit where all our family came to visit.  We had her funeral at St Hilda's Church and she's buried at the Links Cemetery in Blyth.

Michael and I found Teardrop a fantastic support to us when we needed it most.  I wanted to give something back so I did my befriending training in 2008 and started the North Shields group in 2009. 

Teardrop is a place to come where people get how your feel, Teardrop got me through and I to make a difference to be able to help others through too.