A voluntary organisation to support bereaved parents and relatives of babies that are lost.

SUPPORT for baby loss

Wansbeck Willow Room

Sunday, 8th November 2010 marked the completion of a major venture by the Teardrop Support Group in the opening of the ‘Willow Room’ on the Delivery Suite at Wansbeck General Hospital, by Bridie Grant, (Clinical Consultant Psychologist,) a founder member of the Teardrop Group.

The Willow Room, so named because of the symbolism associated with the willow tree, has been decorated, furnished and financed entirely through the efforts of the Group and its supporters and is for the use of families who have experienced the death of a baby by miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or termination of pregnancy because of fetal abnormality.

We at Teardrop approached the Managers of the Maternity Unit and asked that special facilities be allocated for use at these times. The room was identified and has been decorated and especially furnished with the aim of making available more comfortable surroundings at such a painful time. The name ‘Willow’ was felt particularly appropriate, as the weeping willow is one of the most symbolic of all trees in the world. The willow is usually looked upon with a vision of sadness and grief, yet sitting under the willow can be seen as protection and comfort. 

‘Willow’ was only made possible by the generosity of individuals and local businesses who have who have supported and donated time and money, together with more than two years of very hard work by the many who have fundraised.

We have vowed that we will continue to raise funds to ensure that supplies of such items as memory boxes, toiletries, books, disposable cameras, clay hand and footprint kits, books etc are maintained and are available for each patient whose baby has died.

Sadly with the transfer of facilities to the new specialist hospital there is no current provision for the Willow Room at Wansbeck Hospital but Teardrop volunteers are still providing funding for memory boxes in the new facility and are available for support at any time.

Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital Willow Room

Ass maternity services have now moved to the NSEC Hospital in Cramlington, Teardrop are currently liaising with the management team to bring this facility to the new hospital.  We will keep you updated with our progress.